Brockton's Curriculum

At Brockton we offer a 'SMART' Curriculum where skills, knowledge and understanding is taught across termly topics or themes. We endeavour to provide a rich and exciting, broad and balanced learning experience based around the ethos that our curriculum should be:-







Our curriculum is skills based with maths and literacy skills being taught discretely in the mornings to secure a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. These skills are then applied across the timetable to make learning relevant, purposeful and exciting.

We endeavour to enrich our curriculum with visits and visitors to allow us to bring learning to life. We encourage children to be involved with curriculum planning to develop motivation and a sense of purpose. Creativity is delivered through strong cross-curricular links which strengthens learning and where-ever appropriate and possible we take learning outside the classroom.

Each class has a rolling plan with a different theme or topic each term so that children have a broad and varied learning experience. Children learn knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum, and wherever possible teachers endeavour to link subjects to ensure learning is exciting, relevant and connected. 

Click here to see the whole school long term plan.

We believe that learning is a partnership, where school offers high quality teaching in a vibrant and stimulating environment to cover a rich curriculum - and that children also have an important part to play in ensuring that they can reach their potential. Therefore we want our children to be SMART learners: